Welcome to Constable Studio.

Our aim is to create affordable art, bringing handmade beauty to everyone, everywhere at a fair price.

Our story

Faye Constable launched the studio after she began selling her handmade prints at a bi-monthly market in SE London. As one of the first stalls to sell handmade crafts at the market, her prints stood out with her cost-effective products proving overwhelmingly popular. Since then, she has expanded and established a varied collection of lino carved prints. Her current range focuses on ‘beauty’, covering everything from flora and fauna to portraiture.

"Lino printing is a method of printmaking I have enjoyed since secondary school - I love starting a carving and never quite knowing how it will turn out (sometimes the carvings look better than the actual print, and sometimes they don't). I love the tiny imperfections, the inky fingers, the dancing around on a printing press to get the perfect print." Faye Constable